Sharing What’s Real

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I can post what I would like others to see. Paint a picture of how “perfect” my life is and showcase all the “spots” I go to or have been to. In all honesty, I’ve posted at times wondering how would some people react to things. Yet, I’ve learned it is truly all vanity. My desire is not to please, not is it to entertain though I may bring smiles with a joke or an article, a story I’ve written. My goal is not to get shares or to be liked by my poetry or art. No, my desire is to share the truth, not only of who I am but of who God is and what we truly need in life.

It is so easy to lose ourselves in a narcisstic system within social media. It is easy to follow the crowd and yet walk/feel so alone because we believe we are the center of the universe and people “need” us yet we do not “need” them. Is it not better to love and grow with one another? Or have we forgotten the value of men? Passing through time or wasting it as you captivate moments that are lost within pixels and not embraced in the present. Trust me, there is nothing wrong but how far do we take things to highlight our lives and fear going deep. We lose trust because of the promises we tried to keep and when we are revealed who someone truly is, we run or even what one is capable of, good or bad. We allow our own anxieties to plague us into a state of mind, lost in the flow of feeds yet remain hungry or timelines, losing ourselves in the dawning of a new age.

I would rather be “real”. Honestly presenting my flaws and faults and revealing how much I have changed or continue to do so. Why must I hide? Why is it bad to share what I feel? What I think? Because people think I want the attention? On the contrary, I want people to see I am but a man, they are not alone. We all go through things in life and guess what? It’s ok. I don’t want that fancy life. Fame can be given to the next man. I don’t seek goals or dreams, I seek life, I seek Christ. When I was a child I chased after the things of a child but as a man I’ve matured and grown to understand the trials and to face them. I’ve grown to love, not only by experiencing love but also in losing it, as well but truly finding it in God. My life reveals my heart and my faith made stronger as I dwell in the presence of my savior. Amidst all the ramblings of my words I will continue to encourage, share my heart, share the love, with truth, and with honesty.


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