Clearing the Air

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Many people have a misconception of Christianity. People believe we are a over zealous, religious set of people who bash on people because their views speak in contrast to their own. That we are people who just speak about Jesus all the time and don’t have “fun”. But let’s clear the air. Christianity is a name termed in the first century A.D for those who followed the teachings of Christ but more so, believed in him, or as early historians point out., worshipped him. The truth we speak are as witnesses. We can verify it all within history and attest that God is truth. There aresome of us who are raisedin thechurchbut as well thoseofus who take the time and study the faith and see the truth.

Now, for the most part, of what I’ve come to realize is that there unfortunately is two sides of the coin. You have your true believers and then those who just like to wear the title. Christianity is not a religion, contrary to belief. Though we follow doctrines or “commands” we do so because of our faith and shifting of hearts to love for our God, it is because we understand his mercy and grace that we do so not out of a desire to gain salvation or to think that our deeds grant us a way to salvation. We are not perfect and one who claims to be so is merely caught in his own self righteousness but is at fault. The Christian life is not perfect nor one with total success in this world. In fact, the world hates us for the most part. We follow that which was taught to us as good, loving, and truth and the world rejects such teachings as they are taught to follow oneself and devoid absolutes for opinionsor as truth being rational.

Yet I cannot disregard the actions some of my brothers have done in the name of God, but a true Christian acts not in such manners. Love should be the root which is God, to Love God and love our neighbors.

Now it is absurd to think we live lives of boredom, our standards have merely shifted. We find pleasure in what is good and see the beauty in creation instead of the creation becoming an idol. None of this implies we are better than anyone, contrary, we acknowledge our faults and view ourselves as sinners only justified by Christ. There are those within the body who have not matured as Paul would describe or return to regulations as they were Pharisees, they worry about what to eat, say, wear, hear and turn religious. Yet it is wise to know, all is from God and it is true we turn to what is godly, pure, and etc, but we come to understand we follow not the path of sin. I can enjoy food, even be amazed at the talents of an artist, but I find no need to partake in the debauchery others do. Though I can attest I may partake in some wine, but I let it not consume me as before, nor any substance or pleasure. Just because one may be free of sin does not excuse one to continuously return, to love God is to obey him. Our sufficiency is in Christ and apart from him all is vain but we understand the separation of wants and needs. It is as the Romans described of past, early Christians, helped the poor, one another, were self controlled, and worshipped God, not just with their tongues but their lives. Hence I speak to bring clarification. Christianity is not a religion, it is a relationship not just with God but with man as well our lives bear fruit.


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