Into the Night

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A shiver ran down my spine. I could feel the gentle breeze and hear the rustling of the leaves. Sounds intertwined as all of stars filled the sky. The moon hanging in wait as it shun upon my face. Radiating a soft glow as the reflections wavered in the waters beneath me. I stood there, calm, collected, though I was layered from head to toe. This was the world, captivating, apart from a still surface or dimensional object to grab moments. The night alive. I found myself closing my eyes and breathing in.The snow touching my lips as if nature itself knew it held me in bliss. I looked once more to the city that lay behind me. The lights surrounding the towers and skyscrapers men had worked years to bring into existence. The sounds hardly reaching where I stood. Yet time seemed to be held in place as nature knew not its weight, though the passing came on its own.

I started to turn from the coast. I could see a couple walking towards me. Fingers interlocked and smiles from side to side. A date I figured. I smiled at them as they passed me by as I walked towards the city. The young girl wrapping both hands around the young man, close to grab warmth.

After a few minutes the sounds engulfed me in its ocean. Massive metal beams coated and forged to stand above me now covered my view of the heavens. Yet through all the noise, the lights, the stars I could not see, there it was. The moon shun, quietly in place, still shining down on me.

I hugged my coat. I looked back now at the place where once I stood and saw in the distance the couple. I smiled. Memories of the night I thought, reflections of phases we face, yet still, we find peace, even amongst the chaos of the night. I turned to face the storm before me and even in knowing what was ahead, I was held by my own memories, her face and with that I find my own embrace and awaited the sun to bring the light once again.

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