Love Yesterday While Loving Tomorrow

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A common thing I often hear is that God may have removed you from someone or in any relationship, intimate/frendship, because he knows what you truly need. Or how you need to view your own worth. To burst your bubble that’s the ego speaking. God does know what you need, true, but our choices reflect if we truly listen to him.

Love is commitment and sacrifice. He tells us men to pursue wives and how as believers we should live. In his guidance we take an approach and if it is not found in sound convictions or unity, while respecting differences, rooted in what is truth, separating emotions, it will fall. We decide and the problem is we try to devalue or justify our hate for another because of the rejection or denying the acceptance of it ending.

God reveals people to help us grow and build with. If we decide to break any bonds, it’s on us, while it may be true that because of our beliefs or change of heart we may feel convicted and turn from people who will only bring you down instead of being a support. With love you abide in Christ and with love you hate none, you forgive.

True love never fades, let not your emotions betray you. Have we not been restored, a new heart, soul, mind? Show love and know, though we grow together or apart, let there be love, even if those we once held close drift away, or you begin to surround yourself with those who will advance your walk. We are all on the journey of life.

We ultimately decide who we should love and upon this perception we will see that love is truly sacrifice. Because out of mercy Jesus died for you, while he could of seen his value and disowned us. Love is pure, love is unconditional, love is God. Let us not love in halves and be wary of who we give our hearts, our bodies, and even more so, our soul or minds.

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