Caring Nature

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And this is the truth we are afraid to admit: we care. And though I speak as if it was an audience, I speak unto myself first and foremost. We care about the relationships that end. We care about the memories and worry what is to come. We care about not getting that job. We care about coming close to not meeting ends meet. We care that people may appear to have better lives. We care and believe we are truly alone because no one yet has “appreciated” who you are. We care no matter how tough someone may appear to be, it is in our nature. 

It is because we care that allows us to grow. It is caring that forces us to learn. It is caring that allows us to be human. It’s perfectly normal, you should care. The world wants to create emotional, animals that “evolve” their nature. We all want to transcend so much we forget the heart and then blame others for the destruction we cause. If you’re tired of the world around you, work to make it a better place but first be an example. To find true love one must first be filled with love and pour it to others for love is sacrifice, commitment. Want that job, don’t chase it but work to attain it. We can’t keep trying, worrying, instead let us bring it into action. Let not our words be just words but sprout action for words have power. And so I say, because I CARE, all is not forgotten and in my consequences or faults, I grow, and continue to be shaped into a new man.


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