Is God Not Our Focus?

We are being, for the most part, soothed to hold a sense of who we are. Instead of being shown our need for empathy, humility, sacrifice, and true love, we are now catered to “encouraging” messages that deal all about “us” or “you”. Hearing things such as, What God can do in your life, that you deserve the best, filled with terms that catch the ears of men as change, or mistakes. Our identity is funded upon an image as new idols or “gods” shape our supposed identity. Longing to look for the answers as the world or culture has “granted” us the ability to dictate “our” world based upon feelings and emotions with opinions that stretch to relativism but seen as absolute, though the existence of such is rejected.

The depravity of man is hardly spoken about and our need of repentance or salvation. We’ve developed an egocentric mentality believing the world owes us or God. I see this amongst believers and non believers, as well as being renewed to understand from a narcissistic history that I cannot exclude myself. How many relationships have I destroyed by such behaviors in friendships or even an intimate one? I consider myself one of the worst, to the point of wearing a mask for so long I no longer know who I am nor those “close” to me. 

Our focus should be on God and his people, no matter the cost or consequence. When you see it is not about you, you draw closer to God and the closer you get, the more obedient we become. God does bless us but he is by no means a way for us to appear righteous or successful in an earthly domain. Positivity is good in regards to thinking but be aware, it breeds a false Gospel when fixed with a prideful indulgence. Our concern should be to encourage, uplift, help one another, and be a light. 

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