O Death

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O Death, How I hear your whisper. Your touch brushing against my skin. Cling to me ever embracing light and hold me close. Let not the darkness take hold and encompass my soul. O Death, Must we all see you in the end? Amongst the frivolous pursuits of men we venture close til risk drives us to the edge and in such waking moments we see your face. Flickering flames in eyes that reflect the sparking of an existence. Calming to an ever abiding existence, a forever unknown with faith seeking eternities rescue. Dust to dust and ashes to ashes. O death how your call is heard. Forget me not but let it be known, I find not rest when time ceases to come. Let my soul be awakened to a life apart from you. For though I’ve walked as though I’ve known you, my heart restored and your chains are no more. You are but my beginning for I know you’re not the end.


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