Memory of the Future

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I once thought the alarm would be the reason for my waking. The sun striking my face and the gentle breeze from the ceiling fan brushes against my skin. Yet none of that woke me from the dream that held me in its hold. I could hear it, at first like a sweet melody though it was the screams of children. But this was not in horror, sweet screams of joy.

“D-Dad, D-Daddy Wakey Up!”, A small but loud voice echoed in my ears. Jumping in the bed rocking me to the world that awaited before.

Ranger Barked briefly as he joined me in the bed.

The sounds now engulfed me and I could feel something the world longs to describe, love. The smells around me as I can hear the bacon sizzling downstairs to my surprise.

I stepped over the toys in the room as a smile stretched from ear to ear. I felt small arms try to wrap around me smiling. I tried to look back as I could hear her giggling. Ranger wagging his tail and licking my foot.

The sun now hit my face as the curtains wavered by the breeze inside the room. Who would of thought that this would be more than a dream. I looked at the nightstand and noticed the key that hung around my necklace, the ring attached, side by side. A promise and in those moments I saw my reflection.

Everything around me blurred and I saw something I didn’t realize. I noticed my hands on a keyboard. the reflection now was me typing these very words. A dream upon a dream of a tomorrow I hope to see or is it but a memory.

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