She Was Like Magic

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The stage set as I performed though the story was tragic. Captivating audiences with tales of nights where the story began. Two souls destined to meet but never end, though time ran it’s course in sand. Hands touched across tables and feelings clashing through glass. Hours drawn escaping minutes and seen as seconds. Never forgotten but noticed by hugs and dances with lessons. Noticing one another as if glances were made by destiny. All spinning in circles by fires that were forged into a ring. Walls torn down as the man became a thief, looking for his genie to give command. Wishing moments never faded as distance continued to spread apart. Music played to reveal the climatic change. Storms racing and finding a pace, though the protagonist knew he could not flip back the page. All met in silence upon the stage, though characters were in motion. The waves revealed a break, though no one was certain. The audience at the edge of their seats as fingers left an interwoven lock. Promises of yesterday made for the morrow now presented in sorrow of the past, held in stop. I now stood alone, masks worn though I knew I continued in act. I lost myself performing, drawn by a spell and the enchantment struck back. The hand came upon my face to face the truth. The mask came off, falling in rhythmatic motion til it clashed. Shattering in pieces as hand touched chest. The audience gasped, seeing the man reach for air. Curtains were drawn. A song played in the background as light filled the stage. The man now standing reciting eulogies. Many wondering what had occurred, held in mystery though they knew the action that played out all too well. People began to clap and I began to bow, looking down still seeing the ring. The cast followed suit, coming into the stage. Then people noticed, clapping faded to whispers. Where was the girl? And just as the man turned to leave, curtains fell. No one knew what happened, for as it came to be, she was gone, held in mystery, like magic.


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