Words of Encouragent

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I usually have trouble sleeping at night if I don’t take my pills. This being said, I always find myself writing and in a way, preaching to myself about life. These are just words that help me and hopefully will help someone else as well.

Things never turn out exactly how you want it to. But guess what? That’s ok. You think you can gain control, so you determine what is said or how you appear. You keep people at a distance. Yet you remain uncertain so you disappear and return. You make an image as if you are hoping someone sees the real you. You believe you can find yourself in others or this image yet remain lost within your own mind. Feeling the gravity you continuously look outward for ways to satisfy an internal need. The past resurfacing and the future unknown.

You’re scared…but it’s ok…you’re going to be fine. You can act tough but it’s ok to feel the way you are. You are beautiful. You are loved. There has been those you pushed away or have loved. But no one is truly the same, be willing to learn and grow. Though it is uncertain to you, God has not left your side. Seek him and be healed. Time doesn’t heal, only God does that.

You may believe you have the answers but you don’t at times. There is a balance in life, not of evil but of truth, understanding and love. You must be filled with it all to truly be changed. You are still young and learning but hear the voice that speaks to you with reason, you are a child of God, you are loved. Allow the light to restore your soul.


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