Our Greatest Blessing

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The problem people have nowadays is because we go through tribulations we think God isn’t with us. On the contrary, in those moments it should make us realize that even amongst tithe storms we must come and rest on him. We instead rest on the conformity or reside back to the world’s standards. We talk about blessings but fail to realize that with Christ, it is enough. 

We aren’t called to be blessed materially nor to be seen as successful. The church, in the book of acts, revealed the Christian life we should follow. Everyone gave of what they had freely to one another and no one held possessions, instead they rejoiced amongst one another within the love and truth of Christ. They imparted sound teaching, rebuked false ideologies and sought wisdom and truth, in love and with the Spirit directing their path. 

It is good we long for stability but it is not our goal, nor marriage or happiness. Our goal is Christ and to preach the Gospel, all else is vanity apart from loving God and his people. With what we achieve or have been given we give back to the body, to the kingdom. We follow in obedience for the love instilled by the resurrection from which we ourselves crucified upon the belief and acceptance of the cross. Coming to the Father through the son in repentance we die to our old ways and are changed by Christ giving us life and the Spirit renewing us with a new heart and mind. Shaped to be image bearers and examples of what is good, bearing the name, Christians, for our faith and service to our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus. For as declared, by the Father and Spirit, all was given to him to rule, for no other name in heaven or under will we find salvation. Blessed be the king who died on the tree and rose so we can have life. In him all richness is found. That is our greatest blessing, that Christ died for us so that we may live.


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