Beyond Belief

I love God, I swear!! Well, do you? It is easy to say we do but does our life show it? Are we still participating in things God warned us about? Many can say, well I can do what I want, only God can judge me. But that should scare you, because he will. 

We complain about rules we follow and being under “control” yet laws are in place to help us (well they should, unlike what we are seeing in today’s age). Still people take it upon themselves to abide to their opinions instead of the facts or truth. It is written, if we truly love God we will follow and obey God because to obey shows we love him. Of course this isn’t a dictatorship. 

The Father sent his son so that we will no longer be under the law, this doesn’t mean the law is done away. The law reveals our sinfulness and our need of a savior. If you broke the law, you would be punished, we call that justice. Then why do we continuously do do and think it is ok? Or even to think that because we attend church, sing some tunes, say we believe, that we’re saved. Don’t the demons themselves believe in God and have seen him and still disobey? 

The reality is that we enjoy our sin. To truly be born again doesn’t mean we repent once, get baptized and you’re done. No, you die daily. We are sinners and need to be filled with God. Yet we don’t continuously do what we once did when we first got saved. We understand Christ is enough and live according to his word. We are quick to say as well we only need Jesus but he himself spoke about preaching his word and making disciples, to help one another. Faith produces work, that is what scripture teaches us, faith without works is dead. Jesus said to pick up our cross and follow him. Giving us the greatest commandment, love God and people. Love not just as a word but of action.

You will arrive in moments in your life where you will have to decide, God or man. You will have to cut those you considered friends, what you liked, because guess what? Two masters cannot be served. 

We are called to think on what is pure, good, and be godly. This doesn’t mean we love people less but that we abide in Christ and live in light. Being an example we lead others to and for his name. In our lives we learn that what we believe is truth, not only in sound mind, teachings and doctrines but as witnesses of his glory, and by histories on declaration. People think science disproves God when in fact it reveals who he is. We don’t believe “blindly”. That statement is used in the knowing that we trust God is working to help us though we may not see it. 

It is easy to say we believe in God but just saying that doesn’t mean jack. If you truly believed, your life will show it because when you do, you will be radically changed and fall on your needs. It is true that the road isn’t easy. But you are not alone, flee temptation and the devil and rest on God. Believe and be blessed. 

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