Special Days?

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So a lady tells me “God bless, Happy Easter” as she was picking up her item. Now before I give my two cents, people know I don’t do holidays, sure I can associate as a respect but I don’t believe any day to be greater than the rest. There is a misconception people have with Easter. It is good Christians recognize the resurrection of our Lord and savior, but thing is, it’s not Christian at all. We’ve adopted pagan customs and because of the Catholic church, morphed a day used to celebrate pagan practices, worship of Ishtar and Nimrod to Jesus. 

Now, in regards to what Paul taught, some will consider some days holier than others (Rom. 14:5) while in essence, there will be thise who consider everyday the same. Now as well, Paul mentioned how some would return to viewing certain days and falling into religious servitude though we’ve been rescued from religious bondage. (Gal. 4:10). 

So then where does it all fall? We’ve been raised to follow teachings in church that don’t talk abojt such matters, from Halloween to Christmas and etc. Now before people who are Christian give their own opinions, I am not a Jehovah’s Witness or Mormon and etc. I abide to scripture and also what Church history has revealed. It is wise to truly look at our faith and test, be of sound reason as Paul described. What we preach is truth and can be found so. Testing the faith and coming from being an atheist and one who dwelled in the occult. 

If you find it in your conscious to celebrate, do so for the Lord, I respect that, but don’t keep pushing pagan customs and traditions and saying it is of Jesus such as egg hunts and etc on the same day. If you want clarification or “proof” I can explain in further detail, I dont need “one” day to remember the Passover and etc. Each day is of God and everything I do let it be for his glory and if I falter, may the Spirit rejuvenate me. Be Blessed.

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