I’ll Be Honest


Allow me to be honest.

It is easy to say that we will be honest but for the most part do we actually mean it? Coming from how the world is slowly being shaped and how our self-love has evolved to an egocentric belief, is is a question we must ask.

I usually always speak about love and how, coming from a narcissistic state of mind, I value real love. But that is just all the tip of the iceberg. I admire for the most part, honest people.

I’ve met people who come into my life and just because of what I can give, they seem to enjoy my company, but then they depart. I’ve met females who will flirt and try to manipulate, only to think I’m a psychic and can answer all their questions. But it is very rare to actually come across people who are “real”.

I prefer someone honest and real than any amount of sexually attractive quality. A loving heart, a mind I can connect with, and a spirit that I vibe with, is more attractive to me, in any sense of a relationship now. We’ve been bombarded with the culture teaching us that only we matter and not people. So in turn we act like someone who only reveals our highlights, good qualities, and after months, when our true self is revealed, it crumbles. The reality is we are not perfect.

It is normal for us to be afraid of rejection. But we must consider this, what would be better, being loved for someone you are not or for who you are? The latter of course. That is why I now devote myself to teaching people this and being as honest as possible. Though it may be perceived as being flirtatious to some, it is not, it is manners and a loving heart.

All I can see is this, really, be real. I am not perfect and no one truly is perfect. I’ve been through my own hardships and struggles. I understand and want people to know they are not alone. I’ve been cheated on, heartbroken, and etc. Instead of playing games, walk beside me and let us truly know one another. Let your intentions be clear. Be honest, it is better to have lived than to grow weary in wonder of what could have been. Tell someone you love them, think they are cute, amazing, be friends, enjoy their company, talk to them, rant on. We are so in mystery that in the end we long for company but are truly alone. Instead let us be ourselves, be honest and when one comes along who is willing to walk with you, share your heart. Be blessed all.


2 comments on “I’ll Be Honest”

  1. Honesty is the policy. Unfortunately though, it’s a bit messier than that. While I completely agree with you, for some, it’s one of those things that is easier said than done. In a world that worships the facade of perfection, it’s difficult for people to reveal their true selves. Becuase, what if who they really are isn’t accepted. They figure it’s easier to pretend and be accepted than to be honest and be rejected. Did that rhyme? lol I didn’t mean for it to. Anyway, you’re doing the right thing by continuing to be honest and yourself regardless of how your intentions may be perceived. Keep spreading sincerity, it’s contagious:)

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