The Wolf

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Howling upon the moon in search of the dreams of the morrow. Seeing such beauty, filled by its light, reflecting from thy eyes. Ever present though at times it escapes my sight as I search the heavens. Quiet nights and yet through its form it brings me not comfort. Finding warmths embrace upon the fires that burn, as others I pass. Finding me a monster, an animal, hidden behind weapons or tents, they see me as a shadow of who I was. Yet the darkness has welcomed me but it is not my home. Shunning me for I am not their own. Perceptions drawn and a villian I appear to be, but see me bow in humilities wake. I long for the light, it’s touch a spark that ignites my soul. For as I draw close, I see not the moon or heavens, but see that in you my heaven is now home. O fire that moves and soothes, keep me company. For though I wander in wait, your warmth has accepted what I’ve faced and in that, you are my eternal embrace. Burn me whole, O star on earth, light my way through the forest. I am the lone wolf.


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