Love Beyond Time and Space

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He looked at her. He could see the glimmer of hope in her eyes. Her eyes piercing through his gaze into his soul. The curls in her hair and skin as reflected like the golden sands.
He was the never ending rain in the night. While she was the howling wind that drifted the clouds in the day. Never truly noticing one another til the Heaven’s drew to a close switching sides and caught breath in time.
The light reflecting its rays on her lips, shimmering upon the gloss.
“You noticed me . . . “, She was about to continue until he looked on as distance drew them apart. “as I’ve noticed you.” Her voice trembled and it was if an eruption was eminent from her chest.
“Without hesitation, without regret. For as time and distance may keep us at bay, love is a choice and eternity my embrace.” Their fingers briefly touching the other as his departing words returned them to their state. “I await for you in the Heaven’s my dear, til the wavering stars bring us to orbit and join us as one in the eclipse of our hearts. So when others may ask who has my heart I shall speak your name, but they shall know you as….my sun.”

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