Writer’s Block

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To write is to bleed.

That’s basically my tag line. I remember writing a similar post to the things I will talk about on this one, awhile back, when I was first starting out on my blog. I explained how sometimes we just get “blocked”. As a writer, you would think it would be easy. You sit down at a computer, the coffee shop, even while you are in the back of an uber. But guess what? You’re stumped.

As writers, we all have been there and done that. Maybe knowing you have a deadline in a week, pacing around with coffee til that struck of inspiration hits you. Let me just tell you, I’ve tried all the tricks in the book. From just writing without any clear direction, to singing in the shower, catching a nap, and even spinning in circles-after a tail that isn’t really there-of course.

But I want to tell you all a secret I’ve found. Come on, don’t be scared, I won’t jump out of the screen and bite you (maybe I will, just kidding). People. What about people? It’s simple. People are my source of inspiration really. Sure I can continuously quote my tag line. I do share my thoughts, feelings, and the works. But something I rarely describe is how people also are my greatest source of inspiration and motivation.

I usually describe how people are like books to my friends. I love taking the time to read people, getting to know them. Uncovering the mysteries behind their eyes or finding out the stories they don’t easily share. Take for example that one of my very good friends started a blog of her own (check it out and follow it, bookmark and etc lol, fluffthisshit.wordpress.com). Like I explained to her, writing helps us be free and to be ourselves but as well, it helps to share how we see the world, people. The characters I make up for my stories are pieces of other people, not just my thoughts. The world’s I create is inspired by the worlds seen through people’s eyes. I love that about writing.

I’ve heard it before, take some time to reflect by yourself or to write some place quiet. It does work out sometimes to be alone. But as well, I’ve found that being around people can ignite your stumbling block and grant you an “escape”.

So then, what is the point I’m trying to make? Come on folks!! Write. Pour your heart, see those around you. Everything is and does produce inspiration. It is easy to make up excuses and to let time pass you by, sometimes you do need to clear your head, don’t get me wrong, but for the most part, it is there.

Take a stroll. Have some laughs. Walk around the “block” (puns intended). Find that people are one of the best inspirations ever. Be Blessed.


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