My Reward

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I can say please, Oh please, please don’t forget. 

Yet with regret I suspend memories so I could mend.

 Extend condolences as I transcend from defense. 

Don’t take offense and discredit, I was someone you could of called friend. 

Proving with pinky promises, beyond eternities end.

 Yet was constantly tried as if I lied. 

Sentenced by words that replayed during nights. 

Confined, Binding me without reasons, maligned. 

Remembering attacks through nights as anxiety clashed in mind. 

Time creating distance as I slowly stopped looking behind. 

Wanting to connect the lines but reminded that loves not blind. 

I was just a man trying to find myself and be construed.

 Losing who I was loving you so God broke me in two. 

Refined from mankind to be like Christ. 

Spirit shaping me from death, breathing new life. 

Cut by the sword, embedding words now spewed to give birth.

 Burning afflictions, emotions that stir by the mixture of the greatest treasure, love.

my reward.


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