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You might think it’s ranting, trying to get people’s attention, even believe I’m the same as before or whatever. I don’t have to prove who I am now or how I’ve changed. I talk about real issues, have common sense, take the time to research, spread truth, encourage others, speak honestly now and reveal what is hidden. You can unfollow me or ignore me all you want. I’m not here to make anyone comfortable or to be liked. Yes, I preach Christ, I talk about the occult, the bible, science, my distaste of religion and how I am “awake”, I am a bible believing Christian adhering to reformed theology, I may even talk about my writing, jokes and etc. People need to see I’m a man, we fall and rise, my life is as a witness to God and a testimony. I’ve been through some real, life changing, things/events. I’m not trying to “trick” nor persuade people, I speak to inspire change that I’ve seen is truth and works. I will not excuse myself nor what I say. If I’m wrong, correct me, but if found right, then let us come together and rejoice to spread to others. This is my purpose and calling, to help others see the light and be a voice. – Gee_ology

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