Alive in Christ

Are we not called to put to death our old ways? Or have we forgotten that Christ died so we can be saved? Salvation is by grace through faith. But understand we die daily, in repentance, we put to death and live lives obedient to our God. In so doing, we live to attain godliness, be image bearers of Christ. It is not that we attain to be Gods, no, it is in knowing that because our God is holy, we strive to be. We are no longer follow the patterns of this world and instead look to what is pure. It is in this understanding that many have strayed from. Just because you may believe in God or recited a prayer, does not mean you are saved. To die to self, put on the armor, repent and live for Christ. For as we were dead in our sins we are made alive by and through Christ. The Spirit working within us and leading us to do the will of the Father. 

As these words are written, it speaks and is taught once again to the wavering ears, conviction stirring and forcing myself to analyze my own life. And as the world continues to persecute and move away, being lovers of themselves, I follow the commandments, to love God and my neighbor. To love unconditionally. Revealing I was born again to a new life, that which is for Christ Jesus. And as the world believes it all to be a myth and fairy tale, let me bear witness as those in the past. With boldness revealing the truth and with humility helping those in need. Let his kingdom come and his will be done.

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