Speaking through Silence

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It is not that I remain quiet on certain issues or that I become silent. The reality is, that we have created a culture, a society that wants or desires a need to be accepted, tolerated, but rejects any sense of validity that comes in opposition with their views. We have become lovers of self, to such extremities, that preference based on what we grow to believe, “supersedes” the reality or nature of our existence. Man has rejected absolutes but claims his own view to be that of its own, though is relative. So if I was to voice truth, it is taken as insensitive, offensive and counter cultural. And when it is a matter of opinion, ignored or seen as foolish. We’ve been so entertained with notions of being accepted that we’ve rejected sound teaching and have painted our own image of what is good or even who is God, or even, there is no God. In such a display, those who stand by justice, truth, and reason, will be persecuted not because we speak in a bold manner apart from the majority, but because we uphold the foundations in which the many have departed from. In this manner, I now “watch” what I say, not to be tolerant, but in what I say, it may begin to pierce the notions and ideology that have replaced what is rooted in our hearts. And in such a case, I walk a path that many few dream, for in it, one finds not the fruit of success but of death, for it is against all that the world now stands for, truth.


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