We’re the Problem

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I will not be that Christian you encounter that appears to be encompassed by a “myth”. I’m sorry to disappoint. I will not simply come up with the statement, “God works in mysterious ways” when evil occurs, to defend the reasoning. Let us clarify some things. For you to declare something to be evil, you must first understand what is good. To do so or claim there is no such thing as absolutes, or absolute moral compass, you yourself are creating a self defeating statement, because your answer is stated as if it itself is an absolute.

In your mind, things are relative, so then what if what you perceive as evil, some perceive as good? There in lies the kicker. But to expand, evil can be explained from 3 things, I’ve found: 1. Naturalistic Evil (storms that may have killed someone due to temperature changes, atmosphere, conditions, any natural cause that caused havok, or even by our biology reaching its climax.) 2. Human-based (murder, rape, and etc that one sees or determines as hurting another) 3. Spiritual (forces beyond our control, demonic that influence).

Now like I’ve said, I get the excuse all the time, I cannot believe in God if he allows evil. But then I can ask, why should I believe in you, if you do so as well? There is poverty in the streets, those in power we allow who are corrupt, and all you do is simply point the finger while you sit comfortably, but you say, as long as it doesn’t affect me right? Well isn’t it our world? If one man causes a war that leads to your sons death or major changes to the environment, what then? It is evil because it is against your benefit?

Understand something, we make our own choices. That is why we are not robots. Sure we could have been just mindless drones but for what purpose? People say, I can’t believe in a God who allows evil. And I will answer, he does not. All will be judged in the end. People then get mad and try to control God, if he’s all powerful and he knew what we were going to do, why did he allow it? Listen, God doesn’t put anything or anyone over himself. Yet he loved us so much he allowed us to have our own choices and grow, but also guided us, showing us the right way, we have simply rebelled and tried to create a way of life without him. Though he revealed himself, throughout time, man was to concerned in what he could do, or influenced to believe he was greater. I’m not here to undermine anyone, all I’m saying is the problem is much more than debating about good and evil, it is more so, who we are and what is our purpose.

I can go back and forth, all day talking about matters of the faith, historically, scientifically, and etc, showing the evidence. But when it all comes down to it, it is a matter of the heart. Just know that no matter what the Gospel is as so, we are all sinners, we fall short because we have broken the laws, what is good, turning to evil, and there is nothing we can do, nothing. Yet God, rich in mercy, grace, came down, in the form of a man, taking such a lowly form, revealing himself, teaching us, and in turn taking upon himself, all our sins, died. Yes, died. But rose again to reveal his power over death, so that in he who believes in him, shall find life. That they may put away their old ways, repent, and live for him and no longer ourselves, loving one another and being pure, holy. Being made to the image of he who was without sin. This is the Gospel, and some might ignore this, unfollow, unfriend, depending on where you read this, but just know, seriously take the time and research, meditate on the things you find. Don’t mindlessly pursue or believe because someone has a title or status, to be liked, or etc.

The cost of following Christ is everything, you will lose friends, family, jobs, and maybe even your own life, but guess what? Christ is still more than enough, he is all. This is Gee_ology, once again telling you, be blessed. Boom, let’s go!!


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