Reoccuring Thoughts

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It’s like a nightmare that never ends. You wake up, look around you and remain perplexed. Is this the life you truly dreamed about? You look back through the list you compiled when you were younger, check, check, skip, skip, you begin to see you “didn’t” make it. You turn to look at your friends through social media and see their lives doing things you dreamed of.

This is a common thing I’ve seen, they say that because of social media we grow more depressed or even the fact in knowing you didn’t “make it”. I also hear people say, you can’t force fate, things happen for a reason. Now I dont like being that one guy that plays the devil’s advocate always, but I don’t believe in, things happen for a reason.

Now before rocks are thrown, hear me out. Sure, you meet people, you grow because of the lessons you learn but guess what? When it all comes down to it, we make or decide our own choices. We can only be guided or taught what is right, it is our choice to follow it. Now you can either learn from the bad choices or just put the blame and believe in some force that truly requires more faith believing, than believing in God, karma.

Another common saying is, God allows things to happen for a reason. I’m not taking anything away from my Father. If his will is to be done, it shall, but just as I stated, we decide ultimately. Judas was beside the best teacher, Lord, prophet and God himself but he followed his desires and turned to greed. You see what I’m trying to say?

We get caught into these fantasies, that we need to “wait” for things to happen. Go with the flow. But the reality is change comes with movement, shifting of the mind. An artist doesnt become an artist, waiting to be acknowledged, he goes out and lets his art be known. A lover doesn’t wait for a wife, he pursues her by discerning someone who will walk beside him, no matter the cost.

I’ve grown tired of certain things in life and hence I change not only my surroundings but how I view them, in turn myself, with God’s help of course. I see people wasting their lives, distracted, waiting for something to happen, a sign, and 30 years can pass and still remain idle. Now sure, some people take longer than others but those people needed to learn valuable lessons or took them longer to find who they were.

The point is this, you will never be ready. You can point the blame and say you will always be single or not have a good career or you can do something about it. You will love and lose, your heart broken, but never be afraid to love again. To love and be loved is the greatest reward. Find yourself, be yourself and look for that special person. To back to school, tech school, learn new skills, change jobs, and etc. For one who remains still amongst the storm will drown. Life keeps moving. If you fall, get back up, you are not alone and as you may see others “advance” you are foing so as well. Keep pushing. Go beyond your limits.


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