Falling in Love

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“Is it the end then? You will simply let it all play out without even trying?”, she felt tears starting to form as her vision became a blur. She wanted to hate him, his expression cold.

“You don’t understand. I’ve been where you are. I’ve walked this life and experienced one too many tragedies. It doesn’t matter what it is, happiness doesn’t suit me. I’ve always been the villian. I no longer see the world the same as everyone else.” He paused and looked towards the night sky.

“B-but don’t I matter….” She wanted to bury her face in her hands but she kept holding on. “I love you…”

“Of course you do, but like all, in the end I am and will always be a memory. I’ve grown tired of this world. I hate the person I’ve been and can’t stand to see who I see in the reflection.” He turned to look into her eyes. The tears streaming down her cheeks. “Love has a funny way of betraying us. A promise is never for eternity and love is truly, never, forever. You were the reason I decided to hold on just a little longer. But now it’s time I allowed you to live.”

She saw it as if time slowed. He let her hand go. He slowly fell into the darkness below him.

He smiled as he descended. He welcomed the cold abyss. It felt as if all was at peace. No more burdens that kept him tied, no more storms that raged in his mind. He knew if he didn’t let go, she would have perished as well. And yet, he knew, what would life be without such a star shining. What was his life but worthless if not for the sacrifice of at least sparing one he considered of worth. He had caused so much pain. And now he felt as he always was, alone. And as he continued to remember and feel a warmth like never before, he had loved and been loved and that was the greatest reward. He touched his chest and felt it beating, the air gushing past him.

She could no longer see him. She heard a car overhead and people crying her name. As she was about to scream back she felt it, as if she had exploded. Her love was gone.


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