Month: April 2017

Words of Encouragent

I usually have trouble sleeping at night if I don’t take my pills. This being said, I always find myself writing and in a way, preaching to myself about life. These are just words that help me and hopefully will help someone else as well. Things never turn out exactly how you want it to.

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She Was Like Magic

The stage set as I performed though the story was tragic. Captivating audiences with tales of nights where the story began. Two souls destined to meet but never end, though time ran it’s course in sand. Hands touched across tables and feelings clashing through glass. Hours drawn escaping minutes and seen as seconds. Never forgotten

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O Death

O Death, How I hear your whisper. Your touch brushing against my skin. Cling to me ever embracing light and hold me close. Let not the darkness take hold and encompass my soul. O Death, Must we all see you in the end? Amongst the frivolous pursuits of men we venture close til risk drives

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