Living Christian

Being a Christian, while you may still appear the same person underneath it all, your priorities will change, and who you are. You will begin to see it radically. It is said that if you truly believe in God, once you met Jesus, your life is forever changed. You’ll begin to see it affect your life. Your friends might begin to see you as “boring”, no fun, religious and etc. It reveals who really stands with you as well as why you stood beside them. 

Your beliefs changes the way you live and interact. You will want to spend more time focused on different things. You no longer find joy in ‘going out’ or partying. Instead you want to do things for God, people, maybe even yourself to grow in faith. 

You are not “missing out” on anything. Being abstinent, waiting til marriage is fine, It’s a choice and act of obedience towards God, not man. The way we view love, others, changes. And though there is a stereotype that hangs over us, be true to God not what others define you as. Lead by example and be a light.

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