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Stop. Seriously stop. I have your attention? Good. How long are you going to sit and rethink a situation? Live a life wishing it was Friday? Wishing you were done with school? Maybe even wishing you found that special person? Reliving memories of those who hurt you, blaming people? Thinking about your failures?

Just stop. Please, listen. They say we are what we surround ourselves with, we are influenced by it. Being emotionless will not change anything, honestly it will make it worse. Complaining about it won’t either. You must come to the realization that this is your life. The choices you make now define who you will be. But understand, let the future be the future. Work on who you are now. Someone hurt you in the past? Then, learn that you must forgive, understand your own value, and allow the experience to shape you, help you grow and in return love another the way love was intended.

We are not perfect, we can complain about school, but how blessed are we to be doing things that maybe our parents never had thr chance to. We act like the world owes us, yet, it does not, we owe it to ourselves from the life we have lived, to improve not believe that change will manifest based on our desires, we are change. If we do not change, society, people, who we are, will be blurred into an idea or perversion of what we were intended to be. Instead of evolving we are seeing a degradation, falling into our primitive ways. Seriously, we see now thousands, reported to have conditions based on how society has become.

As a blogger, social media is a danger but it is also a blessing, a platform to reach people, but do not become consumed within it. I speak this not to be perceived as mere words, take action. We can contemplate on everything, over think and in turn, destroy ourselves.

Let us take the risks and move forward in life. It is okay to feel, embrace it but also learn to move forward, learning from the experience as stated before. I am quite young, from someone who has his own issues, but I’ve learned, we create the outcomes based on our choices. We can allow ourselves to mask away our struggles by going out all the time, don’t get me wrong, having a good time, distraction, is fine, but don’t live a lie behind a mask. Learn to face reality and become the solution. Work hard, give it your all, and be the best version you can possibly be.


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