Don’t Look At Me

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I love pushing people. No, I’m not talking about going behind them and then, wham! They hit their head within seconds on the floor or something. I’m talking about in the sense of motivation. Now, those that read my posts know how I am already. What you don’t really know is, I find that I help others, more than I actually help myself.

Now, before everyone goes up to me and leaves a comment like, “Aren’t you the one that says you prefer leading by example?”, I am. But in essence to everything, I find I am better in giving advice to others and also over time, applying it to my life as well. Now sure, I mostly practice what I preach, you could say. What I’m trying to have you understand is, when it comes to me, I have stepped away from the egocentric tendencies that plagued me before.

I may really, really want something, I can have the money for it, have it in hand, but I will hardly come to the conclusion to buy it. Take another scenario, I’m with people I love, I don’t focus on what I’m spending but in having a memorable experience and one filled with love. To me, I feel like I’ve enjoyed life, the ups and downs, experiencing almost everything. When it comes to taking time out for myself, it seems to not come as easily. Yet, tell me to write or draw, work on poetry, to ahare to the world, I am all down for it. Things that benefit people. But what most people don’t realize is this, it is who I am now. My sense of fulfillment comes from helping others. I feel alive and filled with life, when I do, help others. I don’t seek attention, nor fame, nor likes or comments, my true purpose is to help others and see a change in their lives. In knowing my words reached you, to me, that is the greatest of rewards as a writer.


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