Month: June 2017

Threads of Life

Interwoven since birth til death.  Find me sown by the webs of time.  Though they were moments I asked to cut the thread.  Lines stretched by struggles fabricated in mind.  Pieces pushing buttons to unzip cries.  Steps taken though past obscured by genes.  Solace sought by never ending fashion.  Creativity and release, removed by belts. 

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Gift of Time

I am a very strong believer in being present, now. It took me a while to figure out why it was so important to be…present. I always wanted to be in control. You may hear me constantly speaking about how narcissistic I was, like a broken record. But I like taking days to pound these

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Reality is a Choice

Reality is not always pleasant, but It’s real. We easily hide behind materialistic things or distractions, dulling our lives into believing we must be happy or positive all the time. Many people don’t like acknowledging sadness or issues because they think it will mess up their “vibe”. We have become superficial by ignoring it. We

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