Let it Go

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I remember when I first started this blog. Roughly around September, that I truly began to write. I still find myself not quite as profficient as others before me, nor present. Yet, here I am.

During my beginning posts I remember writing about just letting your mind write. I had the priveledge of attending a writer’s panel at megacon, here in Orlando. Within the panel, the authors gave the same advice, just write. So then, what am I going with this? Simply put, I understand the complexities as well as the true purpose to never stop.

We spend all our time thinking of what could bes, how it could be, that we lose the creative process. We stumble. I may not be a best selling author, but I am still a writer. I am learning as I go, as well as hoping to inspire others as well.

This doesn’t just apply to writing but life. I have to learn to live, the best creative experience when you are living or experiencing. I usually tend to close myself off, blaming my mental issues, but I need to learn to forgive myself, as well as accept, I am like this. Life moves on. The greatest moment we will come to realize is that, time doesn’t repeat itself, every moment, second, is a blessing. It will never happen again, that in itself is remarkable. Time cannot change but your life can by a single choice. So all I can say is, let go, the words, the thoughts, let it all flow.


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