Pure imagination

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It’s ok. I get it, you’re trying. You are saying the right words, smiling the right way, you’re “fine”. But are you really? Why do you hide behind a facade? Is it truly worth it? Just in knowing or admitting you are weak, it makes you strong. Take it from me, who would truly acknowledge me as a confident, handsome individual? The truth is, I believe myself to be a monster, filled with a war of depression and anxiety. Yet I stand, I lead, and I follow, but above all, I love.

Let us stop and be us. No matter what others say or think, let us just be. The moment we think about what others might say, where we are “supposed” to be, we enclose ourselves in a mental prison. You shouldn’t do that to yourself. You are where you need to be. Yes, events transpired in the past, but guess what, that was in the past. Live now. Here. Present.

You are truly incredible, though I speak as in knowing you, I speak to also motivate myself. I’ve lived a lie for so long, I believed myself to be such a monster, yet I know I’m enough. So are you, you are of great value. Do not be discouraged of your talents or gifts, use them to change the world. Come with me, to a world of pure imagination made into reality.

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