Dear Future

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Dear Future, I remember the nights where I dreamed that you would come, but I shall be present. I must work and pursue you, allowing my self to learn and grow from yesterday. Long nights of creating tales in which I could once again, feel an embrace that made me whole. Forgive me for allowing my passions and my being to be shared by another, though they taught me what true love must be. I now hold to my purity in loyal service and faith, til the day I know you. Know that though you may dream of one day finding ourselves, be patient and grow to the one I await to see. The heart breaks you have had, the lack of trust, I know I must reveal that I am not the same. I shall deem you not as perfection nor cling to your being. I want to grow with you so tomorrow may know of us. Broken people coming as one, though I know fate is of no concern. I believe not in love at first sight, nor soul mates. But I know if someone asked me, I would say you are the one. I may not see you now but I will hold you later. Recount the tales of how you awaited me. Show me the strength and allow me to be a part of your history. Time moving in motion and I shall keep in its steady stream, til death do us part. Carved on the tree of life our names shall be known. Even amidst the tragedies of the world we will grow. Let my eyes see you as you see me, noticing such imperfections but working to create a home. You are my love, forevermore, Sincerely Yours.


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