Breaking the lines

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I’m not your typical writer/blogger. I think everyone should have that figured out by now, if you read my work. I don’t believe in formats. Trust me, I read various articles on how a blog should be, how to get people to read your work. But, reality is, I hate limitations.

I probably will not divide into sections or lists. Now, I could, help the reader, as well, I could also just write. My friend told me something that has been marked in my heart when I began writing. He said, ” You want to go to college, learn the lessons, study your career but I’ve seen people lose their creativity doing that. Sure, you can get better and master your ‘craft’s but to what cost?”. That really stuck with me.

Now, I’m not diminishing any writer who has a degree in creative writing, English major, and etc. But what ive learned, a writer doesn’t really boast in what he/she has attained as their degree. I’m currently working on my degree in biblical studies, completely different in another scope, from writing. It is good to know foundations, proper grammar and etc, I’m not saying that it isn’t.

What I’m trying to get across is this, to just write. If you are a blogger, writer and etc. You don’t really need to attain some level, do it now, write. We are not measured by our titles but our work. The more we write, the more others will see our story, our message, to the world. That’s my take. Be blessed.


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