My life, my story


I want to take some time to share what is happening in my life.

There’s those moments where I suddenly “snap”. I would typically make the statement that I’m unstable. Reality is, I still continue to fight my demons. These few days I’ve come to focus more on not letting my life be distracted. It is easy to lose ourselves in social media. I thought I could stay away, but following someone’s advice, no, I found myself back on, doing pointless things. But I promise I will be on here more often. I will polish my skills, improve, and bring new exciting content.

It isn’t easy. I have said it before, I have OCD, which is added by depression and anxiety. But you know what, I still fight on. Even amidst the darkest of days, I’m shown the light and remember why I never give up. I may sound like a broken record but I just love spreading good news and stories. I want my words to truly impact people.

I tend to write to help motivate others, maybe even share my story. This is gee_ology, study of my life, how I perceive the world, life. Yet, I find myself motivated by you guys. I may not have a ton of following, but anyone who took the time to read, thank you.

I have a lot to learn as a writer, but I continue to learn, read, and grow. I hope you all stick around to see who I become. Like I say a lot, I will not let my issues stop me, writing is my escape, when I write, I bleed. You can also check out my other area, I will be posting most of my short stories or poems there. This is more so as an update and also, just a thank you.


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