When I Die


​I don’t want to be remembered only when I die. It’s a funny way of stating this. But let me explain. 

I just found out that Adam West passed away. I remember growing up and watching reruns of Batman on tv. The laughs and the ‘oh my god’ moments. Those days I watched Family guy and would laugh all night. Even with meeting him at Megacon, here in Orlando, just last year. 

It is crazy, now sure he was well into his age, but we aren’t really guaranteed tomorrow. I also have to remember, each day is a gift. 

That being said, when I did, I don’t want to just be remembered at that moment. Where everyone comes together or just forgets about me after a week. Now sure, time passes, but I want to leave behind a legacy. One where my words inspire others, just as C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, have had on myself, as a writer and person. Sure, let my image fade, but my work, message, live on. My body may die but my soul, forever eternal.


4 comments on “When I Die”

  1. This is really very beautiful and inspiring. I thought of that before and I feel the same way. By the way, I’m really sad about Adam West, I didn’t know until now. I liked him.


  2. I feel the same way. I hope my legacy will live on long after I am gone. I hope someone will enjoy my writing after I die. I also hope the people I have touched in life will benefit from what I taught them and how I loved them years after I have left this world.


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