Change is Possible

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They say, people can’t change. I find this to be a misconception that fills people. The reality is, people can. What truly changes someone is not their environment, people around him, but when the begin to see who they are and how they influence others, his perception of how he sees life. 

We live our lives saying people can’t change. It is true that we have so much hatred, wickedness, darkness but we also have love, potential to do go, and light. It is when we stop seeing ourselves as the center of attention and start valuing others as ourselves. We all have an equal opportunity. 

Now, sure, by our biology we may derive differently on how we operate in the world, but it is because we are so unique that we can see we form a collective, we are people, the human race. 

I’ve seen men who have truly changed their lives around, for their children, wives/husbands, and friends. People change when they see, there is something more than what we are told by others. We have to find it for ourselves for the most part. 

Never say change is not possible,I know someone may have hurt you in the post, you may feel unworthy, broken, but just know, change is possible. If we complain that the world or people can’t change, why not show them true change, let us be of proper example.  


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