Reality is a Choice

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Reality is not always pleasant, but It’s real. We easily hide behind materialistic things or distractions, dulling our lives into believing we must be happy or positive all the time. Many people don’t like acknowledging sadness or issues because they think it will mess up their “vibe”.

We have become superficial by ignoring it. We are now filled with a desire to get or spend, consume or waste. Always in a rush but never really getting anywhere. Doing things we hate only because it supplies. Having us ease our growing tension of intolerance, fear, desperation, hunger of power, with an allowance towards a common distraction. These distractions can be seen in the form of drugs, phones, food, alcohol, media, or whatever allows us to escape.

We want to escape reality, so in turn we begin to exist but never truly live. We die early, or to better word, give an appearance of death, and it is as if we are robots, manufactured to work within a system that continues in a rapid downfall. Taught that what we need is owed to us, we continue as children then, never really growing up and experiencing the world.

Hard work, a slow climb, filled with levels of growth and change is only seen by few. Even within relationships, we are surrounded by fantasies. It is a marvel at times. But I rather live.

Be of example and live the life you dream, don’t merely continue asleep. Be the change, lead by example. Love, work hard, follow truth, and share with others, this is of truth value.


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