The Falling Future

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People like seeing the belittlement of others. We like drama, we gossip and if we see others fail or do wrong, we say, atleast we’re doing good, have this, or that. We act and say we don’t put our lives out there for people, yet highlight reels of our best moments captivate the audience we’ve developed.

No one is a saint, nor perfect, I don’t care what you have claimed to do. I sure as hell am not. We have even “christians” proclaiming a saved life yet are in the same sins. A title they hold but a life they do not share. Words are distributed into categories where they are considered “curse” words, yet words, in proper context are mere words.

We have devalued ourselves, becoming copies of what the system projects. Allowing what makes us human, seem like weaknesses, if shared. We have turned materialistic and allowed ourselves to be the animals taught by our education, which is, in itself, a joke. History is written by the winners and the people have no say, only those in power.

If words hold not your gaze or catch your ears, they are disregarded, because now, it is all about us. What will I gain? What will they give me? Why not me? To speak on such matters will cause many to ignore, for your insight is not valued, unless you hold a position of power. This is the truth. Some may regard it as opinions but we cannot lie and say the world is a better place than it was years ago.

We seek an evolution, studying, spending years to be in debt only for a paycheck to live in comfort, as we work half our lives to vacation the rest, as the world continues to fall. But we cannot state this, because it is part of the plan, to go to school for 20+ years, work 20-30, and complain about the state of the world allowing it to continue, because it’s “our” lives, so who cares, right? We have advanced scientifically, technologically, but as humanity, degraded.


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