Til Future’s Embrace

Can such eyes keep me in infinite mystery? 

Smile sending ripples upon my surface. 

Guided by hope, I embark on a new journey. 

Give me no eternal slumber by barren promises. 

My wings stripped to bring me to Earth. 

Grounded feet in memories drowned by feelings. 

Let my heart lead me to melting suns in space to orbit. 

But know I wait…

in pursuit til my future’s embrace…

I look upon you…

yet I do not…

know me now as I am…


Bring Me Close

Blackest soul, darkest tone. Riding the river styx, paying the token to charon. Broken, unspoken promises soaking in oceans. Moments revealing potent omens. Interwoven frozen heart with focus choking. Hoping to transcend beyond ends. Escaping sentences of prisons. Prisms in metrical means to measure rulers. Ruling to G-O, monopolies in policies. atrocities construed to breed hostilities in futures. Sooner is marked in treason with reason. Apart, not a part of the world, restoring pieces. Speak to me…Jesus. Give me hope amongst such times. Radiance amongst stars, eternal sign. Let the light shine, I’m yours…bring me close…

My Love, Know Love

I feel at times as if I’m not worthy or I don’t deserve your words…I am completely open to you without any secrets. Ask me and I shall speak from such a heart that has been restored. What charge can be made for what I feel for you? You tell me I am the fire but you my dear are like the rising Phoenix. In a time where I thought love was lost, the ashes of my trials burned once again by your embrace. I see your past and fault and my body shakes because I wish not to be the cause of any pain. You are a queen and rightfully so I treat you as one. O how men have swayed and not revealed what is love but my dear, lest you be caught in your own quarrels, find me look back and reflect your beauty. How long has time kept me from feeling such warm embrace? My Father welcoming me to communicate what I know to be true. You are indeed a treasure and I shall venture the seven seas though sins-badly trying to take hold. Forgive me for any steps I let you take upon improper ventures. I want to walk beside you till my Father returns me beside his presence. My love, I care not for empty promises but hear my oath of absolute certainty, my heart is warmed not only by the love of the Spirit but as well your own. And though I do not need you…I want you…call me selfish or blinded…but with faith I cry…I love you with all my soul…


I would sit as if I was seeing a play.

Letting memories reveal the scenes with actors reciting lines of times that have passed.

Visions spun in movement of what you believe tomorrow shall hold.

Let me see your naked heart.

Visible and clear, pumping in rhythm to beats of melodies I find soothing.

Echoing the thoughts of what I considered hollow halls of people buried temples long forgotten.

Yet I could hear the church bells ring and come to service by your words and soul.

Show me your heart and I shall show you my own.

From an empty casket to the one on the throne bringing me to sit in wonder of your own.

Let me see the plans and foundations.

And see why I call you home.

My Dear

Dear you,

Hey, how are you? Remember when we weren’t as strangers? Life has a funny way of giving us different paths to take. I remember the nights spent talking about our dreams and future. Who would of known we would drift apart? Yet, amidst the distance, I hold you close and merely speak with an open heart, I’m sorry for who I was and what I did. I didn’t know who I was before and now, I am but a man, sure of himself and continuously surviving in this world. I merely ask the best for you from my Father, to keep you in his sight and arms. I am still here if you wish to speak to me. I did not leave based on empty promises, my love stands beyond time. Find me here oh friend and know nothing shall keep me. I write now, through poetry and eloquently, crafted words that bleed on screens or paper. Through these words may it one day reach you. I ask not forgiveness, your reasons are your own. Just know I will never forget the mark you left upon my soul. But wait, you’ve never really left…now I understand when they say true love never dies…and so I shall run the race and await to hopefully know you made it to the other side.

Sincerely, your friend

just words I wish I could write….

In Love

Why should one walk life without knowing what is love? For there may be those who can walk such a path with restraint and control but I know my heart has been made for more. It is not that I have more to attain and others are any less. I speak about it within a new light, love. I have always been difficult, hard to understand, yet love has always tried to surround who I was.

I understand it by diving within the oceans of its mystery I would rather drown than gently caress the surface. To love is to be human, the purest we could ever be if it is founded in the deepest of levels. To copy this world and remain cold is but an offense to love.

I rather let the fire consume me and the passion to pour out, overflowing another. Lest I be in vain trivialities or frivolous journeys, my heart and soul are of sound mind when I am in love. My reward is of no concern as the treasure before me holds its beauty and value on its own. So I rather love than be just a soulless mortal; where even beyond eternity love shall forever remain.

Followers and Servants of Christ

Christians, In name only?

I’ve heard and seen it many times before; “Christian” is a title so loosely used. Given to identify many, though few can reveal its meaning. One where hypocrisy follows suit while it is not so and many other Gospels are promoted or taught but is not of God. The reality is the man who claims to be Christian, proud in himself as to forget others, is but a man who professes but is not of Christ. It is more than attending churches or having the title. Sitting in a garage does not make you a car. Biblically speaking, if we were to compare Christianity as it is labeled and seen, many would fall short to its standard. But what can be said of a Christian, is he not one who believes and follows Christ? To solely say one believes in him, God, is not enough. On the contrary, belief in God does not mean one is saved or born again.

Under Laws?

So then many ask what should be done and I shall say as scripture reveals, we ultimately do nothing for in and by Christ we have been saved. Yet, the commandments are seen, to love God and love thy neighbor. In loving God we are known by God, to love God means we obey him. One can try to dissuade and claim we must abide to the requirements of the old law but in Christ the law has passed but it does not mean that it has lost its values. The laws were made to help his people at the time but because of Christ we now abide under him. Just because we are not bond by the laws does not give us excuse to sin.

Loving Others

In loving our neighbor, it comes with the heart of God bestowed unto us. The true Christian loves without condition or for gain but is willing to sacrifice and give to his brother or sister. We are able to bear one another and rebuke, bringing others back from their sin as members of the body and bride of Christ. Not inflated by our egos because we are his chosen people nor to allow the things of this world to separate us from He who is enough.

New Creation

The Christian has denied himself and carries his cross. Tossing away his old notions and repenting, he begins to allow the Spirit to work within him and change him to the image of Christ; Being a light bearer and witness to the glory of God. He is able to defend his beliefs with love and humility, though tested. He has become a new creation and given a heart of flesh not of stone.

Strengthened in Christ

The Christian acts not religious but knows traditions followed to give worship to the Father. He is not weak but is given strength by the Spirit. As he as well knows, he does not require the happiness sought in this world but finds joy in Christ. Though he knows as well that tribulations may arise and his nature may cause moments of brokenness, the Lord calls and restores. He boasts not in himself but in the Lord who he gives all praise. As one who can say or call himself, Christian, I speak as to not have people think I am the standing marker. I am but a man and speak or write with the same words directed and taught in scripture. To live is Christ and die is gain. Thus, we are born again.

Inner belief

Yes, there will be moments you will hate yourself. Hate the things you have done or are doing. But guess what? Know who you are and are becoming. They tell you, you are meant for so much more, but this isn’t just a saying, you really need to believe that.
The world will try to shape you and have you believing certain things have to be a certain way but listen, abide in truth and learn to see the beauty in yourself and others.
As a writer, it is a struggle at times, to write words that will reach hearts, but in essence, I learned that it wasn’t about what I can say or write but what I truly wanted to share. Writing is a huge part of not only what I do but who I am. I may hate my own writing and consider myself the worst writer but that doesn’t stop me; in knowing I was meant to write, I continue.
Believe in yourself and also be able to grow in who you are. Just as I have learned to be a light so I know as well your name is essential in growth, I am Lucius A. Wulfe a light placed on a hill to guide others lost at sea.

Forget Tomorrow, Let Today

You do not know what tomorrow will hold.

I remember when I was 4, with the whole world before me. People asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I responded, “a pilot”. I remember when I was 17, people asked me what I would study now that I graduated, I responded, “design or animation”.

I remember all the relationships and people I was involved in. I remember promises spoken but I didn’t know it was going to be empty or temporary. People would eventually give up on me or my pride would have me become the villain.

I’m writing all of this to help you guys understand. You don’t know what will happen in 1 or 5 years. I thought I met the “one” but just as we are told and led to believe a fantasy, love is more than words or promises that we cannot be certain about.
Even now, in this moment, all I can be certain of is this moment, the present. So I will love with my all and say I uphold to today. I will not promise the future but I will fight and promise the present. I will fight and continue in this race, knowing God is my focus and everything else is vain but will be a blessing if bestowed and founded in him. I will love who I am now, go on walks, cherish the moments with friends, love again but not “fall” but be risen in love, to grow beside someone.
I did not know I was going to be as I am today but today I know that the future is its own and I know who I want to be today. A man of God, a friend, a brother, a soldier, a Writer, a son, embedded with honesty, truth, humility, hope, counsel, wisdom, and above all love.
I will not let words dictate my actions but let my actions be described by words once the story is recou nted by what is seen. You may have known me for who I was but find me in who I am, I am not the same. Let these words create a stirring within yourself to move forward and project your true image and stop living caught in depressio or anxious of what is to come.
My life is filled and finds joy in God, regardless of the opinions of others. I’ve seen and walked through my own hell. In being broken and restored to bear his image, let me truly be the light which he spoke about, placed on a hill, the salt of the Earth, a prince made king. Let me live and not just exist. I am here now.

I am Gee_ology

Life has a funny way of completely showing you it’s intricate, beautiful nature. I got to see that after such a long period of time. Some of you who follow me know just by my writing style that I’ve been going through some stuff. I would speak about the changes we need to make or how to be encouraged to do things in life to truly live and not just exist. It came back to me, the reason why I decided to start this blog.

Sure, I can write short stories or even poems and post them, I could even write eloquent words so that my articles or posts will be liked. I could throw in an ad here and there, build it in such a way that I get money through this and get the title of “blogger”. Having thousands pour in and read my work or words, finding about my adventures. And in the end of the day, for what?

You see, don’t get me wrong, I love looking into sites and being motivated, reading about others. Granted I have 3 jobs, full time manager, podcast, and my free lancing, plus school. I should honestly apologize to those who follow me on here and have their own blogs and I don’t support them as much, but trust me I appreciate you guys and will put in the effort. What I’m saying in retrospect is, I want to help and motivate people regardless of my outcome, and income.

I have said it before starting out, I would love to have a career eventually as a writer. I haven’t gone to school, majoring in English nor journalism. I am currently taking classes and pursuing my biblical studies via online. I am mostly self taught, of course school through out the years and workshops I would attend. But my focus is not what I can make out of it but what I truly have to share to the world. If I get paid a d can support myself doing what I love, fantastic, my value is shown and of course I know it as well.

Geeology in essence is who I am and my perception/study of life. To help others look at it and see that through all my experiences you could avoid some of the mistakes I made as well as be encouraged by someone who is also still trying to go through life. I will touch upon aspects of God and theology because I am Christian. As well, I will occasionally post a poem, my short stories I am now collecting and writing under my other blog or site, luciusalexanderwulfe.WordPress.com which will eventually have its own domain as well.

I hit a bump but that doesnt mean I stopped, I still will put out words on paper. Writing is my passion and also my escape. I love to write. And for those who stick by me and follow me, feel free to ask questions or suggest something you want to know even or even ideas for stories. Maybe I will talk about the three books I’m working on currently. I’m not just some guy wanting follows, likes, or people to bookmark my site, though I would honestly love to, I also would love for you guys and gals to learn. I’m human just like you. I’m Gee_ology, you can call me gee or Lucius or even Wulfe. Love you all and be blessed. Gee_ology out, boom, let’s go!