Art is life

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​The lines never felt any smoother, an extension of myself with each stroke. 

It’s been awhile hasn’t it? Not really months or years but I have been busy with work. As of late I’ve been trying to adjust to my latest schedule. One of the managers got fired and now the respobsibilites fall on the remaining two, which I am one of. 

I’ve writing more poetry than stories, I must confess but in the long run I still write. I want to be able to have all my poems compiled into a book one day. 

I will say this, I’ve picked up drawing again. Spent about a decent amount getting supplies. Even drew something the first night. I used to draw everyday about 2 drawings. Like I’ve said before, I would write more than I draw but I feel now I should have a balance. I don’t want to forget the gift I’ve been given.

Even with all the art I do I’ve also come to term that I am art as well. God continues to paint my story and shaping me as the sculptor. 

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