In Christ

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I want to live in such a way that it matters not how much I have done, nor my appearance to appear luminous before the numerous accounts that stretch behind me. I care not for fancy titles nor degrees trying to measure my existence by means of losing myself to pipe dreams. Investing my time to a sentence invented and projected so that success is accepted only by the paychecks or investments. Save my number only in death. To date and reveal the steps taken to overcome the challenges I’ve faced. I long not to live day by day but I know I have no control in what tomorrow may hold. The ease and tolerance we have allowed as the world is now degrading from its evolution we have stopped the race. I will overturn and become counter cultural. I follow my king to death’s door because I know he has mastered it. Let me speak in peace only to bring war and forgive me if I do not chase after happiness. My life is not my own. And as I reflect on the choices I’ve made and those I love, I see now that I am truly born again, though I am told that today I am 26. I want to live and in so doing I want the world to know, I am a light. Be blessed and know that I shall walk alongside Christ for in him….is life.


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