Forgive me and see me shine

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26 years….it’s been that long…hasnt it. My life covered in darkness for the most part. I’ve lived in the shadows for far too long. It was my best friend’s and their words that now resonate within me that reveal to me all I’ve faced, again, as a remembrance of what I’ve undergone.

I can describe the face of darkness in perfect detail. I could recite in ancient tongue, prophecies and tales of the beast and the war that will arise. I have seen power and felt its touch. Yet through all of it the light has always seeped through the cracks. Love binded the fragments of a broken heart. Laid heavy in arms with tears falling caused by the storms of my mind laid to waste by own ego. To be as a god or so was the promise given and to rule man by my will if only I let my soul taste sweet embrace which is death but leaves me a shallow shell.

Forgive me for my transgressions my love, but know my heart is yours. Marked by such wickedness it is put to death and my convictions stand now at rest to find not peace but make war with my flesh. I wish not for eyes to glimpse what I have seen but in cautious screams I dream of a morrow made anew where joy is sought.

Please forgive my past and know that I stand to reflect. I am a light in the present and I shall die trying to help others see the way. Let me be an example and my life a testimony, giving witness of love and truth, giving hope to all those who need it. I am Geo, born in the earth, David, a warrior, Lucius, a light. See me not but know I shall leave behind a legacy.


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