I am Gee_ology

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Life has a funny way of completely showing you it’s intricate, beautiful nature. I got to see that after such a long period of time. Some of you who follow me know just by my writing style that I’ve been going through some stuff. I would speak about the changes we need to make or how to be encouraged to do things in life to truly live and not just exist. It came back to me, the reason why I decided to start this blog.

Sure, I can write short stories or even poems and post them, I could even write eloquent words so that my articles or posts will be liked. I could throw in an ad here and there, build it in such a way that I get money through this and get the title of “blogger”. Having thousands pour in and read my work or words, finding about my adventures. And in the end of the day, for what?

You see, don’t get me wrong, I love looking into sites and being motivated, reading about others. Granted I have 3 jobs, full time manager, podcast, and my free lancing, plus school. I should honestly apologize to those who follow me on here and have their own blogs and I don’t support them as much, but trust me I appreciate you guys and will put in the effort. What I’m saying in retrospect is, I want to help and motivate people regardless of my outcome, and income.

I have said it before starting out, I would love to have a career eventually as a writer. I haven’t gone to school, majoring in English nor journalism. I am currently taking classes and pursuing my biblical studies via online. I am mostly self taught, of course school through out the years and workshops I would attend. But my focus is not what I can make out of it but what I truly have to share to the world. If I get paid a d can support myself doing what I love, fantastic, my value is shown and of course I know it as well.

Geeology in essence is who I am and my perception/study of life. To help others look at it and see that through all my experiences you could avoid some of the mistakes I made as well as be encouraged by someone who is also still trying to go through life. I will touch upon aspects of God and theology because I am Christian. As well, I will occasionally post a poem, my short stories I am now collecting and writing under my other blog or site, luciusalexanderwulfe.WordPress.com which will eventually have its own domain as well.

I hit a bump but that doesnt mean I stopped, I still will put out words on paper. Writing is my passion and also my escape. I love to write. And for those who stick by me and follow me, feel free to ask questions or suggest something you want to know even or even ideas for stories. Maybe I will talk about the three books I’m working on currently. I’m not just some guy wanting follows, likes, or people to bookmark my site, though I would honestly love to, I also would love for you guys and gals to learn. I’m human just like you. I’m Gee_ology, you can call me gee or Lucius or even Wulfe. Love you all and be blessed. Gee_ology out, boom, let’s go!


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  1. Well writing was always like this, for inspiring people and ranting out our issues. It was never meant for likes and followers. We made it into this like we did to our personal lives(social media).


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