In Love

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Why should one walk life without knowing what is love? For there may be those who can walk such a path with restraint and control but I know my heart has been made for more. It is not that I have more to attain and others are any less. I speak about it within a new light, love. I have always been difficult, hard to understand, yet love has always tried to surround who I was.

I understand it by diving within the oceans of its mystery I would rather drown than gently caress the surface. To love is to be human, the purest we could ever be if it is founded in the deepest of levels. To copy this world and remain cold is but an offense to love.

I rather let the fire consume me and the passion to pour out, overflowing another. Lest I be in vain trivialities or frivolous journeys, my heart and soul are of sound mind when I am in love. My reward is of no concern as the treasure before me holds its beauty and value on its own. So I rather love than be just a soulless mortal; where even beyond eternity love shall forever remain.

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