Inner belief

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Yes, there will be moments you will hate yourself. Hate the things you have done or are doing. But guess what? Know who you are and are becoming. They tell you, you are meant for so much more, but this isn’t just a saying, you really need to believe that.
The world will try to shape you and have you believing certain things have to be a certain way but listen, abide in truth and learn to see the beauty in yourself and others.
As a writer, it is a struggle at times, to write words that will reach hearts, but in essence, I learned that it wasn’t about what I can say or write but what I truly wanted to share. Writing is a huge part of not only what I do but who I am. I may hate my own writing and consider myself the worst writer but that doesn’t stop me; in knowing I was meant to write, I continue.
Believe in yourself and also be able to grow in who you are. Just as I have learned to be a light so I know as well your name is essential in growth, I am Lucius A. Wulfe a light placed on a hill to guide others lost at sea.


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