My Love, Know Love

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I feel at times as if I’m not worthy or I don’t deserve your words…I am completely open to you without any secrets. Ask me and I shall speak from such a heart that has been restored. What charge can be made for what I feel for you? You tell me I am the fire but you my dear are like the rising Phoenix. In a time where I thought love was lost, the ashes of my trials burned once again by your embrace. I see your past and fault and my body shakes because I wish not to be the cause of any pain. You are a queen and rightfully so I treat you as one. O how men have swayed and not revealed what is love but my dear, lest you be caught in your own quarrels, find me look back and reflect your beauty. How long has time kept me from feeling such warm embrace? My Father welcoming me to communicate what I know to be true. You are indeed a treasure and I shall venture the seven seas though sins-badly trying to take hold. Forgive me for any steps I let you take upon improper ventures. I want to walk beside you till my Father returns me beside his presence. My love, I care not for empty promises but hear my oath of absolute certainty, my heart is warmed not only by the love of the Spirit but as well your own. And though I do not need you…I want you…call me selfish or blinded…but with faith I cry…I love you with all my soul…


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