Month: August 2017

Sentence lifted

Served up 25 to life. Broken plates dished over time. Prison of my mind. Felon guilty of his crimes. Signs to note pieces of the present 26 lines. Sentences compiled with letters under lights. Rights unfollowed in misdirection looking for what’s left. Pressed against bars sitting along the bench. Working out frustrations, pulling up sections.

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Acting Upon Our Choices

Hmm…should I use this word here or that word there? Decisions, decisions, decisions. It’s funny really, how we look at the words we write and decide what word “works” best. We spend our time trying to get our points across as writers, bloggers, poets, and etc. Defined by our words it becomes more than descriptions

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Fight in Me

Seeking the assistance from these systems.  Deliverance from my bleeding feelings.  Vengeance beating my chest, hearing drums.  Songs sung by passion shooting up guns.  Triggered by thoughts passing me by in dissaray.  Breaking waves as they sway through days, skies turning grey.  Never closing my eyes to whispering darkness.  Silent light made aware past senses. 

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