Comparisons Drawn

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It’s actually quite revealing to me what someone told me in the chat room for school. They stated that I appear more and more like C.S. Lewis. I was an atheist who began to research and turned theist. I researched countless practices and entered the occult/magick and was an initiate in the craft. From there, I tested the boundaries of true Christianity, from the historicity, prophecy and validity of not only scripture but secular accounts outside the bible. 

I became fascinated with getting to the bottom of this “God” character. Even amidst my trials and situations, I became closer to God and was revealed the truth. No matter what judgment was cast upon me by people. 

Now as the years progressed, as a writer, and biblical studies student, I can see the similarities between us. In his work, Mere Christianity, Lewis reveals his testimony and I can relate to his relationship with God and challenges of himself. It is truly remarkable how believers experience the Father, how the spirit manifests himself and how we come with humbled knees to our Lord and Savior.


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