Mirrored Love

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They never tell you that you fall in love with yourself. Now, let me explain before I’m told my narcissism is back in affect. My gaze was met by another and like precious gems, sparkling by a radiance of the light behind them, I could see my reflection. Oceans of emotions waving by as I stood naked, unafraid of who I saw in these deep eyes. Whispering words and as if asking, who’s the fairest of them all? Or why see me in such a way? Darkness seen upon such flat surfaces upon my own cast yet in her eyes I saw a version not defined by my present notion. What is such gaze followed by own? Details long forgotten and shaped into someone I no longer recognize. Interwoven and shaped as she was more than touching upon empty surfaces with textures of no soulful connections. Yet, she holds me in awe as I evolve and am held but that can only be spoken in understanding that I’m changed and seen as beautiful, an image I held but was forgotten and so I fell in love with myself, but it was the reflection of who I was reflecting.


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