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2 days behind!!!!

Well, I didnt want to write this so late in terms of days but I had to. I don’t really know what it was but I wasn’t feeling it…? Eh? If that could be the right thing to say in this case *laughs hysterically*. But now that I have your attention, it’s officially been a year. 

For those who don’t know, I started this blog out as a place where I could let loose, be myself, write my heart out. Gee ology is the outlook as well as my point of view of the world and how I perceive it. It’s been a very fun ride along the way and I’ve grown tremendously as a person. From that depressive, moping guy to the inspirational person that writes poems, stories, and just articles to help others as well. 

I’m grateful for everyone who has stuck by along the ride and for your continuously support. I am still learning as a writer and will continue to grow. This is merely to say thank you and cheering for all those who follow me, you guys inspire me to keep going. I read some of your own work and it encourages me. Truly, from my heart, thank you.

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